About Project Abraham

In 2015, The Mozuud Freedom Foundation initiated Project Abraham to help bring Yezidis to Canada. Project Abraham began when we were approached by a small group of concerned people. They were desperately looking for help sponsoring Yezidis under the government Family Reunification Program (FRP). Project Abraham now has organically grown into a massive initiative, with nearly 250 volunteers helping the growing Yezidi community in the GTA.


The Yezidi community are desperately trying to bring over more relatives from Turkey who cannot return to their homes in Iraq. These people are living in fear, without food, money, and medical help.   Without the help of Project Abraham volunteers to find the necessary funds, complete the applications on their behalf (most Yezidis have little or no English skills), and lobby the government on behalf of the Yezidi community, they have no hope of surviving.  On their own they are powerless; they rely on the compassion of Project Abraham volunteers who are working tirelessly to help them.



As Project Abraham has grown, so has our need to solicit funds to support the work we are doing.  Volunteers are currently digging into their own pockets to pay for transporting furniture.   Generous volunteers have also paid for mattresses, shoes, food, and supplies needed to teach English.   As with any growing humanitarian project, we need to raise the money to support our ongoing work.  We have achieved so much, but there is so much more that needs to be done to help our GTA Yezidi community recover from the trauma of their ordeal.


Without the help of volunteer organizations such as Project Abraham, and the generosity of Canadians, the Yezidis have no hope of recovering from their nightmare.   Our immediate need is to raise $300,000 for the cost of sponsoring more Yezidis under the Family Reunification Program who are desperate to leave Turkey and Iraq and rejoin their families here in Canada, and to continue funding the day-to-day needs of the severely traumatized women and children survivors of ISIS.

We are counting on you for your support.  Please give generously to
Project Abraham.


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