Our Programs


Government-sponsored English language programs with normal-sized classes work well for most newcomers to Canada.  However, there are some newcomers who have barriers to learning. Many of these individuals find it extremely difficult, and for some, even impossible, to learn in a regular English class. 

Project Abraham’s YES! program is designed to ensure that no newcomer is left behind.

We conduct small classes for just a few hours per week, with flexible scheduling and customized lesson plans developed and taught by professionally qualified ESL teachers.  Our curriculum focuses on English skills needed for everyday living, as well as basic computer skills using Chromebooks.



Homework Club

When the Yezidi children arrived in Canada with their families after the events of 2014, they were put in the same grade as their Canadian peers but lacked the same level of education.  As a result, they are struggling to catch up, especially in English literacy and mathematics.

Project Abraham’s Homework Club sends qualified tutors to the homes of Yezidi school children, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 12, in weekly one-on-one sessions. Our customized tutoring is designed to help each Yezidi student develop and improve based on their individual needs so they can progress and not be left behind.

Youth Integration Program

Yezidi high school students have little knowledge of what lies beyond graduation from secondary school.  Project Abraham, in partnership with Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), is helping the Yezidi students learn about post-secondary education and career choices. As well as helping them make wise academic choices that will provide the best opportunities, we also teach job searching and job-hunting skills.  Our goal is to ensure our students have the necessary education and the tools required to make the best choices for their future.


Community Connection Events Program

Project Abraham, in partnership with other organizations, offers several Community Connection events throughout the year for our community clients.  These events include day trips, presentations by local services such as the York Regional Police and Fire departments, as well interactive online events with other cultural communities such as the First Nations.  Through their active participation, this interactive program is designed to teach our clients about Canadian diversity and inclusiveness, expand their knowledge of Canada, and inform them of the many services available to them in the GTA.


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