What do persecuted Pygmies, Female Genital Mutilation, Hitler's Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Armenian Genocide, the present genocide of the Yazidis, and the slaughter of Africa's elephants have to do with each other? The answer is that they are all moral issues that supporters of Mozuud have brought to our attention for action, as they are all very low on the agendas of our elected representatives and thus, they need your support.

As you read this, the Yazidi of Iraq, a peaceful minority of monotheists, are being slaughtered because they refuse to convert to Islam at gun point by ISIS terrorists. Likewise, young girls in Africa and Asia face the risk of life and limb through female genital mutilation, an archaic, traditional practice that is medically unnecessary. In East Africa the Somali Jihadists of Al Shabaab are financing their holy war against Kenya and Ethiopia by killing elephants and selling their ivory.

In a similar vein, our Western media and politicians seem to be suffering from historical amnesia, by refusing to connect the support given to Hitler's Final Solution by the then leader of the Muslim World, the Palestinian preacher, Haj Amin al Husseini, (who learned to pursue terror and destruction as an Ottoman soldier during the time of the Armenian genocide), to the prestige of Jihad in the contemporary Middle East and, to Turkey's refusal to accept their responsibility for this 20th century genocide.

These are the first campaigns of Mozuud. We ask you to sign our petition in support of the Yazidi and sign up to Mozuud so that we can inform you of our future petitions on the topics raised here, and on those issues that you bring to our attention.