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TO: The Honourable Benyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel

We, the people and friends of the Jewish state do request that you read aloud the Mandate for Palestine, on TV, on radio and in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). We ask you to do this because the Mandate returned the land of Israel to the Jewish people during the 20th century for the express purpose of “reconstituting their ‘national home” within the family of nations. The Mandate is still valid according to international law that includes Clause 80 of the United Nations Charter. Those rights include Israel's land rights west of the Jordan River. It is immoral for the world to now condemn the Jewish People for exercising their rights in accordance with the promises and obligations contained in the Mandate For Palestine.

We, the undersigned, understand that the State of Israel may modify its claims to land west of the Jordan in any final and truly peaceful settlement with its neighbouring states. But until that day, we recommend that the State of Israel tirelessly remind the world that they are west of the Jordan by right, not by might, for there can be No Peace Without Truth.

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