Project Abraham volunteers pitch in to support the Yazidi community



June 26, 2017

Yesterday at the Lodzer Synagogue in Toronto, Project Abraham held a free bazaar to meet the needs of the Yazidi community. It was a hugely successful event.

Many thanks to the volunteers who spent hours collecting clothing, toys, and household items, delivering the items to Lodzer, and helping us set up the bazaar. Special thanks to all who contributed the goods, and for your kind support.

Project Abraham is a success due to the wonderful volunteer community that has pulled together to support the Yazidis. Countless hours are put in each week by our large network of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of our new Yazidi families, who have in turn rewarded us with their kindness and appreciation. We all can be proud that we have successfully come together in support of a people who have suffered so much, and that we continue to work to ensure the Yazidis are not forgotten.

Also, special thanks to the Lodzer Synagogue for supporting Project Abraham and the Yazidis community. We are grateful to have Lodzer as a committed partner in our endeavour.

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